Horse Decidedly Beats Man in Seventh Huntington Chase

 At the seventh ‘Huntington Chase’ which took place on Saturday September 27th, a local rider made the quickest time of the 49 competitors who took part.

 Some wearing crazy fancy dresses, they mounted their bikes and horses and with the runners, sped off down Huntington Lane, up over Hergest Ridge, competing hard over the flat of the high Ridge, only to descend the steep incline into Gladestry, up the lung-bursting Stone House pitch and home.

To the amazement of all, the first winner, Kim Alman of Gladestry Court, appeared in only 29 minutes, quicker by 10 than last year.  A further ten minutes elapsed before the first cyclist crossed the line, an exhausted Tim Wood.  The first woman cyclist in was Donna Morris in a fast 42 minutes.  The front runner was Adam Hogg in 50 minutes and Caroline Allen led the women in 60 minutes. 

 As the rest of the competitors arrived, they all enjoyed beer and refreshments kindly donated, at The Swan Inn.  Geoff “The witch” Cooper, for the third year took the fancy dress prize by popular acclaim.

 Over £500 was raised for Riding for the Disabled (Brynwgyn Branch) and the Houghton Project at Bodenham.  Peter Kelly the organizer said, “The horse had it again this year but runners are narrowing the gap with the bikes. The order home is quite a mix of the disciplines. Once again, thanks to our loyal supporters, we are very happy to be able to help others in the community.”

Further details Peter Kelly 01544 370266 or Jane Moyle (Publicity) 01497 831439 / 07762 560140