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SATURDAY May 12, 2018 7:30PM - 9:00PM

Why was Huntington's twelfth century Church of St. Thomas à Becket named after the archbishop?  Rumour has it that it was built by Richard le Breton, one of the knights who slaughtered Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. It is said that Breton had local connections, so he built the church in penance for what he and other knights did to Becket.  Was this true? 

William Moyle from Huntington, has just written a book on the subject and tonight he will launch it by telling the whole story of the life of the church’s patron saint, Thomas Becket.  It is a story of ambition, power, excitement, disasters, corruption, betrayals, exile, battles with his king, Henry II and his beautiful wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine...more




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