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In this talk, Julian Gallimore will recall a compendium of anecdotes, observations and revelations from a career spanning 46 years as an agricultural auctioneer across England, Scotland and Wales, much of which was at the Old Cattle Market in Hereford. In tandem, Julian will talk about the love of his work, Hereford Cattle, and their unique virtues which have stood the test of time for over 200 years...more


The Assassination of the archbishop by william moyle

ISBN: 9780995700826


 The Assassination of the Archbishop by William Moyle 

Following the launch of William Moyle's book The Assassination of the Archbishop: Thomas Becket and the European Stage  on May 12th at Huntington Church, signed copies of the book are available to purchase here below.

The Assassination of the Archbishop is a story of ambition, power, excitement, disasters, corruption, betrayals, exile, battles with his king, Henry II and his beautiful wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. The chapters make a riveting thriller of medieval times ending with the final legendary night on December 29th 1170, when as Archbishop, Becket bravely walks into Canterbury Cathedral, only to be slain by the four knights of Henry II.





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