Churchyard recordings

From February 2015 to January 2016 we made one minute monthly recordings of birdsong in the churchyard within an hour of sunrise.  Alongside birdsong, you will hear a variety of extraneous sounds, including lambs and sheep, a cockerel, rain and wind. 

We are grateful to Herefordshire Ornithological Club for identifying the birds below. If you hear others, we'd be grateful if you'd email us.

Robin singing with Crow in the background. At 19 seconds on the recording  a Woodpigeon calls. Towards the end a Blackbird and Song Thrush are singing and House Sparrows are calling.

Mostly a Wren and at 21 seconds on the recording there's a Blackbird in the background.

A Blackbird, which at 18 is interspersed with snatches of Song Thrush.

A Blackbird with a Chaffinch singing at 15, 24 and 50

There is a Wren (thinner sound) and a Blackbird (fluty song) singing and at 48 a Goldcrest sings.

Wren alarm call and a Crow at 26. 

At 12 a Wood-pigeon then only lambs calling.

A Robin sings with a Crow in the background.

Rain, Robin, Crow (and Silver Dorking cockerel)

A Wren alarm call, at 46 a Blackbird alarm call, and at 54, a Robin singing.

A Robin singing, Jackdaws calling in the background and at 48 a Robin singing faintly.

Mostly a Song Thrush singing.