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Summer Concert: From Bach to Urban Blues

St. Thomas à Becket Church, Huntington

Sonia Hammond, the well-known professional cellist from Newchurch and Adrian Crick, a guitarist from Hay, come together to perform an evening of eclectic originality.  From completely different artistic backgrounds, they have been developing a repertoire which shows each of their musical traditions through the prism of the other.  In another universe, where Bach had wanted a rhythm guitar for his Sarabande, Django Reinhardt wrote burlesque waltzes and the Mexicans sang about snow, it all might have turned out a bit like this programme.

Sonia Hammond and Adrian Crick 

Sonia Hammond and Adrian Crick 

The playlist will include some re-imagined Bach, a samba, some curiously arranged folk-tunes, a three-legged polka and an urban blues with background traffic added.

Sonia and Adrian have been working on this new music for a year and will be recording their first joint album this spring.

The recital will conclude with a full reception at Huntington Court with drinks and canapés.

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