Deborah Moggach Brings the Hall Down!

A record number of 99 people came from all over Herefordshire to hear the author of ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and ‘Tulip’Fever, talk on “Adventures in the Screen Trade’!

Deborah Moggach had kindly come to entertain the Friends of St. Thomas a Becket Church, Huntington, for the last of their events for 2017.  But such was the demand for the talk, that the organizers had to move it from the church to Huntington Village Hall.

They heard of her telephone call from Steven Speilberg who invited her to Hollywood to talk about the book being made into a film.  Hilarious stories, some of a ‘naughty’ nature were relayed to enormous laughter. She told the audience of how well she got on with the acting ‘royalty’ of Britain, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighey and many others as they worked around India. Fascinating stories emerged of the making of  ‘Tulip Fever’, as well as disappointments in the filming process. 

It opened everyone’s eyes to another way of life and was riveting.  Yet it was always told with great humour and Deborah Moggach’s communication skills are superb. 

She also told us of her own life.  She has endured many problems, which are reflected in her 19 novels, covering divorce, loneliness, problems with children and the confusions and disappointments of relationships.  Yet in her own case, in 2014 she married Mark Williams of Presteigne,– and one can honestly say – “where they live happily ever after.”

The evening ended with a very happy party, with many congratulating Deboragh on her talk, as she signed copies of her book. The guests  were entertained to free wine and copious canapés, served by the committee of the Friends of St. Thomas à Becket Church.  It was unquestionably one of the most successful events Huntington had ever had.

Further details:

Jane Moyle

21st September 2017