The Friends of St Thomas à Becket was formed on the 18th April 2014 by its Trustees, Peter Kelly, Bill Moyle, Jane Moyle, William Shone and Fiona Shone. 

The catalyst for its development was the PCC's desire to see an important building used more fully and the recognition that over the long term, income from church collections and charity events would be insufficient to shoulder the cost of capital projects that a building of St Thomas' age requires. 

Peter Kelly drafted a white paper on the benefits of Friends’ charities and how they can help people reconnect with their local Church. Bill and Jane Moyle took inspiration from the Friends of St Michael's, Discoed in devising equivalent activities that might be offered at Huntington Church.  The Trustees jointly agreed on a purpose that would take account of both the church and its setting: 

To advance the appreciation of the heritage and history of the Marches through the preservation, restoration and improvement of the parish church St Thomas à Becket, Huntington.  

Now in its third year, the charity has staged 13 events has raised over £11,000. (June 2016)