Press release

‘ORDER ORDER!’ AT ST. THOMAS A BECKET CHURCH - SATURDAY 20TH MAY                                                                     The Lord Lisvane

“A resounding triumph” was the verdict for the talk given by the Chief Steward of Herefordshire and former Clerk to the House of Commons, Lord Lisvaneafter his fascinating performance at the Church of St. Thomas a Becket on Saturday.   Lord Lisvane told the over-flowing audience at the church of his parliamentary life, which ended with his running the Palace of Westminster, with a staff of over 2,000 and a budget of £250 million.    

He talked about the history of the Houses of Parliament, but also referred to  the seriousness of the future as we face Brexit with difficult deals to be resolved.  These  could possibly lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom with  our laws becoming obsolete and  new laws being put together hurriedly. In addition he gave the audience so much more.  He interspersed his serious talk with marvellous anecdotes of events that had happened to him and parliamentarians over the years, which  brought the audience to a resounding applause.  A very complimentary and amusing vote of thanks was given by Bishop John Oliver. 

As usual, the large audience enjoyed the free wine and canapé party afterwards.  One member of the audience said, on seeing the numerous plates of delicacies offered, “You really ought to get a Michelin star for your canapés!”  A long queue developed as Lord Lisvane signed his books, which were soon sold out, leaving many wanting more.