Four Centuries of the Chequered History Of Lady Hawkins’ School, Kington – Founded 1632

Saturday, April 30, 2016 7:30pm  

Allan Lloyd, the historian and former Head of Upper School of Lady Hawkins’ School, Kington, will give a fascinating talk on four hundred years of the school from its turbulent foundation to the present day.

Who was Lady Hawkins?  How did the school come to be founded in 1632?  Where did the money come from and why?  Who served the school for a combined period of 100 years from 1717 – 1771?

Lady (Margaret) Hawkins was the fifth generation of Vaughans to be born at Hergest Court circa 1550. She married Sir John Hawkins, an Admiral of the Fleet and became a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth I. Having been born and brought up in Kington, she stipulated that from her will, a free school be opened for the male children of the town and thus, the school has been in existence ever since, living through good periods and dark periods. Many new facts will be uncovered which have never been spoken of before.

This illustrated and revealing presentation is the result of decades of research by Allan Lloyd, who himself spent forty years serving the school as the longest serving master since 1717. This has resulted in a book by Allan Lloyd of the same title as his talk. This evening promises to be absolutely fascinating, not only for former pupils but the community as a whole, where history is continuing to be made.

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