Landscape and Geology from Kington to Hay by Dr. Geoff Steel


Have you ever wondered why villages like Huntington look so different from Eardisley and Weobley, even though they are so close?  Why do the neighbouring Black Mountains and Hergest Ridge have different soil? And why are there quarries around Old Radnor mining different stone?

Dr. Geoff Steel, an eminent scientist and one of the best-known residents of Huntington, has another passion – his love for the area in which we all live.  He will give an illustrated talk on the fascinating rocks of which it is composed and the processes by which they change, revealing how geology has shaped our agriculture, buildings and transport for centuries.

Here is a chance to learn about our environment with its ancient history and fascinating stories for everyone with an interest in both land use and landscape - from the formation and composition of soil we farm to the origin of the rocks we mine and the hills we climb.  This will be an unmissable evening, told by a respected and most likable friend.