Our New Energy System' by Felicity Jones


SATURDAY APRIL 7 2018 AT 7:30PM - 9:00PM

In this talk, Felicity will embark on a journey across the UK's exciting energy landscape - from the offshore wind titans in the North Sea through to the solar panels on our Herefordshire roofs. In doing so, she will address a series of energy conundrums, both big and small, including:

  • Why 12 August 2026 will be the make-or-break test of our new electricity system
  • Whether you should be installing a battery in your house or barn
  • When exactly you should boil the kettle during the Royal wedding. 

Brought up on the family farm in the centre of Huntington, Felicity was educated at Lady Hawkins' School, going on to study at Oxford University and Imperial College London. She has eight years' experience working in the renewables sector, specializing in energy storage. Felicity provides strategic and technical consultancy for pioneering battery projects and chairs the UK Electricity Storage Network's Markets and Revenues working group.