Saturday, March 14, 2015

We all know about the popular TV programme, ‘Call the Midwife’. But what is midwifery like today? Huntington's Dr. Joanna Raven will be telling us of the trials and tribulations of the profession both here and abroad.

Why are women in many resource poor settings still dying during pregnancy and childbirth? What makes health systems unable to provide the care that women, babies and their families need? What can be done about this? And what are the impacts of different cultural and religious practices on childbirth?  

Born and bred in Herefordshire, Joanna is a nurse and midwife with 15 years of international experience. She joined the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine after finishing her Masters in Community Health at LSTM in 2004. She completed her PhD exploring the quality of childbirth care in rural China. She has been a teacher, a programme manager and researcher in Asia and Africa for the last 18 years.  She has travelled to the most remote countries of the earth as she teaches midwives the skills of successful childbirth. 

Drawing on her travel, teaching and research,  Joanna will talk about her life-changing encounters in what promises to be a fascinating talk.

Jo Raven 

Jo Raven