In Search of Horsemen: The Search for Equine Games and Cultures in Africa and Asia

Saturday April 18th, 7.30pm 

Bob Thompson, whose family have lived at Kinnerton for generations,  gives a fascinating insight into his amazing travels researching and documenting equine sports and cultures in Africa and Asia.   He meets horsemen, finds out what they do and identifies how these equine activities fit within the broader culture. He is passionate about discovering as many examples as he can before these equine cultures die out.  

His illustrated talk opens our eyes to some extraordinary equine facts often uncovered in remote parts of the world not associated with horses. Did you know that one culture holds Dancing Horse Competitions where the horses perform Spanish Riding School movements? Have you heard about the stuntman in Burkina Faso whose horse puts his elbows on his shoulder to walk into the stable? Bob has spent many years travelling and researching with video in one hand and camera in another.  In one remote area there was a discussion as to whether he should be executed...

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