‘Kington Then And Now’ by Dave Latham

Saturday 13 April at 7.30 pm


Dave Latham will present photographs of Kington and its environs from the early days of photography - as far back as the late 19th century - to the present day. These will show Kington’s people, industries, organisations, public houses, markets, events, road and rail transport, shops, schools and celebrations.

David Latham.JPG

Dave's commentaries, observations and insights are gleaned from an eclectic mix of historical research by Allan Lloyd, from interviews, conversations and time-honoured folklore. Dave is a passionate photographer and the talk will include a selection of his own photographs taken over the last forty years that capture the spirit of a community in which he has lived, worked, served and raised a family.

There will be something for everyone in Dave's talk - whether you want an entertaining exploration into this much loved historic town, an evocation of what makes it so special or just a trip down memory lane.