'Rescue and Renovation' by Richard Goode

Saturday 4th May 7.30 pm St Thomas a Becket Church

Richard Goode image.jpg

Local businessman and entrepreneur Richard Goode will talk primarily about his interest in fine houses and how he was fortunate enough to undertake three successive restoration projects over the years, his last being Newport House in Almeley.  

Newport House had stood empty for years before Richard acquired the property in 2004 and set about returning this important local landmark to its former glory.
Richard has had a varied and fascinating life; his early years were spent mostly in Asia and Africa, where he attended boarding school in Rhodesia. He went to Cambridge University eventually settling in the UK following a period living in Paris. His portfolio of professions includes working for a company responsible for printing and selling banknotes to foreign governments, 35 years as an international employment head-hunter (ending up as a managing partner in the world’s biggest headhunting company) and a career in aviation. This began with his passion for aerobatics (he flew in the British aerobatic team), eventually starting a company showcasing public acrobatic displays. He went on to represent the iconic Russian aircraft manufacturer, Sukhoi, buying the first aerobatic aircraft sold by the Russians to the West.  His business in aviation continues to this day.